How To Plant Roses From Cutting

Rose is the flower which is loved by almost everyone. Roses need care and good weather to grow properly. In this article we have mentioned how to plant roses from cutting. You can easily grow roses through this method without much hard work.

  • Take the cutting and remove flowers – Cut 12 inch long segment of the woody cane and cut the stem at a 45 degree angle. Remove the flower and let the stems focus on building new roots and putting energy on that.

Pruning sheers and a rose cutting

  • Remove Leaves – Remove the leaves and cut the stem just above the leaves. Removing the leaves diverts the energy towards the root production. You can keep one two leaves if you want, but it is not needed.
  • Prepare stem for rooting – Use pruners to cut the bottom of the stem. Split the stem into open quarters.
  • Rooting Hormone – It comes in liquid, or gel form. It helps spur the plant into developing the new roots.You can pour it in the rose cutting by moisturizing it slightly.
  • Plant the cutting – Now plant the cutting in a container, with 6 inches deep mixture of sand and vermiculite. Poke a hole and then insert the stem into it. Firm the soil around the stem and then water it well. You can search for how to plant roses from cutting in internet, and you will find this step for sure everywhere.

Potting Up a Rose Cutting

  • Cover – Cover the cutting with a plastic bag and keep the soil moist. The bag should not be tighten much, if done like that than the stem may rot. Keep the stem moist, till the roots start coming, it takes almost 2 weeks. Keep in check that the plastic bag does not touches the stem, if it touches it then fungal infections may happen in the stem.
  • Keep Checking – At last of all, keep checking the stem. You can keep it in sun and let it grow nicely. If you find any animals nearby to the stem, try to remove them from there, they may destroy the stem by shaking it or any other action. You can use bricks for surrounding it.

If you are a beginner in this planting, do look for videos related to how to plant roses from cutting in YouTube. We hope this article will help you to know how every step has to be followed for safe planting. Keep planting roses and spreading love.