Gardening has many rewards and one of the best might be picking
your own bouquet from the garden. Starting with the earliest spring flowering
bulbs and extending to late fall mums and asters, having fresh flowers in the
house is a wonderful luxury. Plus, it’s a joy to share and bring flowers to
friends and family.

If you have room for a cutting
—create one! It doesn’t need to be big or fancy to be effective.
Just remember to feed the plants to get the best flower power. Try Espoma’s organic Flower-tone or  liquid  Bloom! fertilizer to give plants the nutrients they need.

Creating a beautiful floral arrangement can be fun and
stress-relieving. Here are some tips to get you started.

Select a Vase

Select a vase, mason jar, vintage watering can or whatever
fun object suits your mood. Make sure it’s clean, dirty containers can
contaminate plants with bacteria. Think about the colors and the height of the
flower stems when making your choice.

Clean the Stems

Remove leaves that will be below the water’s surface to help
keep water clean and clear. If you’re working with roses, cut off the thorns to
avoid getting pricked. Many people choose to remove the stamens of lilies because
the pollen can stain skin and clothing. In any case, give the stems a fresh cut
at a 45-degree angle and place them in water right away.

Choose a Style

Monochromatic arrangements use different flowers that have
the same color. Choose varying shapes and textures to keep it interesting. Try
using complementary or contrasting colors. Google a color wheel for
inspiration. Using just one kind of flower in a vase gives a pop of color with
a clean look. The more flowers you use in this design style the more dramatic
the arrangement will be. Use odd numbers of flowers for a natural look.

Height and Width

The height of your arrangement should be about one and a
half times as tall as your vase for a classic design. Taller flowers are used
in the center while smaller flowers and fillers like green foliage should be
used around them to create a width that’s pleasing to you.

No Rules

The hottest trend right now is perhaps the easiest of all
arrangement styles — it’s called a field bouquet. The rules pretty much all go
out the window here. These are bouquets that have a variety of colors, and
forms. They needn’t match per se. The design is free form. Sit down, take your
time and keep turning the vase so you are seeing all sides of it. They aren’t
necessarily symmetrical, they’re loose and playful. Let your creative self
shine. When there are no rules, it can’t be wrong!

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